What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT for short, is a short to medium-term therapeutic approach used during counselling.
CBT is an evidenced-based treatment for anxiety and depression, meaning that psychologists and psychological studies have found that it is a highly effective treatment - for anxiety, depression and OCD in particular.


If you present to counselling with stress, anxiety or depression, it is likely that CBT will be offered to you as a treatment option.
However, Carly tailors her therapeutic approach depending on the presenting circumstances of each client. You, the client, and the therapist will collaboratively decide if CBT would be beneficial to you at this time, during initial assessment.


CBT relies on the so-called ‘Cognitive Triad’; the concept that our thoughts affect our feelings, our feelings affect our behaviour and in turn, our behaviour can affect our thoughts. In order to change how we feel, we may need to focus on examining the thoughts and behaviours which support these feelings. 


Oftentimes, like table legs supporing the surface of the table, unhelpful thinking styles can support the thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves and about the world around us. Examples of these thinking styles are: negative comparisons to others, black and white thinking and catastrophising. Identifying your thought patterns, or ‘cognitions’, is the first step. We then work together to identify unique roots and ‘triggers’ for your learned thought-patterns. 

An important principle of CBT is that change is not only possible, it is very likely. Once you engage in the CBT work both within and outside of CBT counselling sessions, as guided by the counsellor, you will likely see and experience change in the short to medium-term. This is one major benefit of CBT as a therapeutic model of choice, should it be decided as a good-fit for you collaboratively by the counsellor and yourself.


If you wish to enquire about availing of CBT or counselling sessions, please use the 'Contact' tab of this website.